Staff composition of the PIRC

The Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC) employs 58 staff. In common with other police oversight bodies, the PIRC employs a blend of staff drawn from police and non-police backgrounds. Currently, 40% have previous experience as police officers while the remaining 60% hold other relevant skills and experience.

There is a slightly higher proportion of former police officers within the Investigations department as it is recognised that a highly skilled team, familiar with undertaking serious and complex investigations, is required to deal with the significant nature of the work undertaken.

Those, such as former police officers, with expertise in dealing with situations such as deaths in custody, crime scene management, road traffic matters, firearms incidents and family liaison support bring a depth of experience and specialist skills to the investigations referred to the PIRC. Currently, 51% of staff within the Investigations Team previously served with one of the former eight Scottish legacy forces.

The remaining 49% of the Investigations Team comprises of staff drawn from a variety of investigatory backgrounds, including recruits from the Fire and Rescue Service, the Care Inspectorate, the former UK Borders Agency, Trading Standards and the Armed Services.

From the outset, the PIRC has operated a introduce and train new recruits who have no previous investigatory experience. This has proved to be extremely successful with four former trainees now working as established members of the Investigations Team. Two further recruits are currently undertaking the programme and the PIRC hopes to continue to develop new recruits through this channel. 

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