Stakeholder Engagement

The Police Investigations & Review Commissioner recognises a broad range of stakeholders and works hard to ensure that they are kept informed of the PIRC's role and services. 

Relevant, timely and two-way communication is fundamental to how we engage with our stakeholders.  This allows us to understand their individual, diverse and sometimes conflicting needs and to balance their expectations of our role.

The aims of our strategy are: 

  • to ensure that everyone who has a problem or issue about an aspect of police services that they have used or come into contact with knows how to complain if dissatisfied, and is confident in the independence of the PIRC to provide an impartial assessment and review of how the police investigated and handled their complaint
  • to work innovatively and in partnership with organisations, representatives and policing bodies to promote dialogue, influence change and make a difference in striving towards better police complaints handling

We achieve this by managing our relationships with all key stakeholder groups and regularly assessing our success in becoming more visible, accessible and known to them. This includes: 

  • introducing and building effective communication tools and channels for each group, including reports, guidance, leaflets, posters, regular newsletters and a programme of events
  • developing opportunities and events to cement and develop effective relationships with key stakeholders

Our stakeholders include:

  • service users - those who benefit, either directly or indirectly, from the services that the PIRC provides
  • police bodies operating in Scotland and the individuals who work for them
  • government - the politicians and civil servants with whom the PIRC has regular contact
  • peer groups - other Ombudsmen and Commissioners with whom the PIRC has regular contact
  • the representative bodies or other people involved with the PIRC at the request of service users
  • our staff