Possible Outcomes

The conclusions of your review will explain the PIRC's final decisions in full.  Each complaint will be dealt with individually so you may find that there are a number of recommendations made in relation to your case.  Detailed below are some of the possible outcomes.

The handling of your complaint is considered reasonable

This means that the PIRC has concluded that the police body dealt with your complaint to a reasonable standard and in line with its complaint handling procedures.

The handling of your complaint is not considered to be reasonable

This means that the PIRC has decided that the police body has not dealt with your complaint to a reasonable standard.  A recommendation may be made in connection with your complaint to address any failing identified, for example an apology may be recommended or the recording of a complaint amended.

Issuing of a reconsideration direction

In some cases, the PIRC may issue a reconsideration direction.  This means that the PIRC has concluded that your complaint must be looked at again in full and that someone who has had no previous involvement with your complaint will be appointed to carry out the reconsideration.  The reconsideration may be supervised by the PIRC depending on the seriousness of the case and any public interest considerations.

Learning points

In all cases, the PIRC looks for learning opportunities for the police so that standards can be improved in the future.  For example, we may point to aspects of the complaint handling which we believe could have been improved, without going so far as making a recommendation.