Posted: Monday 3 July 2017

Recommendation on providing more information relating to alleged fraud case implemented

A recommendation made by the PIRC to Police Scotland to provide a further explanation on how they handled a fraud allegation has now been implemented.

A man had told police in November 2015 he believed a family member was fraudulently trying to obtain a larger slice of his aunt's estate than she was entitled to.

However, after further investigation, the Detective Constable dealing with the case told the man that no criminal activity had been found and it was a civil matter.

This prompted a number of complaints in August 2016 by the man on how Police Scotland handled his fraud allegation. He then contacted the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner after being dissatisfied with the response by police.

The Complaint Handling Review (CHR) revealed that the man was concerned that money from a trust fund was not being distributed in accordance with the terms of the trust. Among his complaints were that police did not conduct a full investigation into the matter.

CHR 473/16 concluded that police failed to establish whether the applicant was given an expectation that enquiries were continuing into the administration of the will beyond the contact with the firm dealing with the aunt's estate and whether the Detective Constable had sufficient information about the Trust Fund and if he made enquiries in relation to how it was administered.

Police Scotland have now implemented the recommendation to take a further statement from the officer that better explained the scope of his enquiries and whether he investigated the administration of the fund.

The applicant has now been provided with a further response to explain any conclusions contained in the statement.


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