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13 March 2017
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438.16 The complaints in this case arose from the applicant being asked to voluntarily attend a police station in connection with an allegation that he has assaulted a husband and wife.

Four complaints were considered, namely:

1. That an officer telephoned the applicant and demanded he attend at a police office for interview. Despite not wishing to attend, the applicant felt pressure to do so as the officer stated he would attend at the applicant's home and remove him to a police office in a police car if he failed to meet with him;

 2. That officers carried out insufficient enquiry prior to demanding that the applicant attend a police office for interview. Had the officers carried out a thorough investigation, they would have realised the applicant was not responsible for the crime for which they interviewed him;

3. That police officers failed to adequately explain procedures to the applicant meaning he was unaware of his status, believing he had been arrested; and

4. Officers were provided a copy of a DVD on, which the applicant believes clearly shows he was not responsible for the assault under investigation. The officers advised him they would take appropriate action when considering the evidence they had obtained, however, the applicant has not been provided with an adequate update as to the outcome of this.

The review found that all four of the applicant's complaints were dealt with to a reasonable standard. No recommendations were made.

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