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27 March 2017
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454.16 The complaints in this case arose after police officers stopped the applicant's vehicle in order to speak to him about his manner of driving. Nine complaints were reviewed, namely:

1) that during an incident on 7 June 2016, the officers involved did not identify themselves as police officers;

2) that a police officer pulled the applicant from his vehicle without any explanation;

3) that the officer was swearing;

4) that the officer jumped on the applicant's back while he was lying on the ground;

5) that the applicant was not advised of the reason for his arrest or why he had been stopped;

6) that a police officer laughed at the applicant;

7) that the applicant was not allowed to contact his girlfriend;

8) that the applicant did not understand the officer who cautioned and charged him;

9) that ash was left on the front seat of his car after it had been searched.

The review found that three of the complaints were dealt with to a reasonable standard and six were not. A reconsideration direction has been made in respect of five complaints.

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