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Police Scotland, Report
23 May 2017
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The complaints in this case arose from the applicant's arrest in May 2014. A total of 11 complaints were reviewed, namely:

1. that police officers were rude and swore at the applicant, calling him a 'wimp';

2. that a police officer used excessive force by pushing the applicant to the chest;

3. that police officers used excessive force by swiping the applicant's legs away causing him to fall;

4. that the applicant was unlawfully arrested;

5. that police officers used excessive force by applying handcuffs too tightly, and deliberately stopping and starting the police vehicle abruptly, causing the applicant to roll around;

6. that, having informed a police officer that he had been punched in the face, no action was taken;

7. that having made a complaint about the police regarding his arrest, the applicant and his mother were assured that relevant CCTV evidence would be secured, which was not the case;

8. that the applicant's complaint about the police was not investigated;

9. that Police Scotland appeared to have no system in place to prevent a failure to investigate his complaint from occurring;

10. that when attending at a police office to request a copy of his complaint statement, the applicant was grabbed by a police officer and manhandled out of an interview room to the front counter; and

11. that in the months after being arrested, police officers came into the bar where he worked on an increasingly frequent basis and appeared to single him out and harass him.

The review found that 7 of the complaints were dealt with to a reasonable standard and 4 were not. A reconsideration direction has been issued in this connection.

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