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Police Scotland, Report
3 July 2017
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Summary and Key Findings

521.16 The complaints in this case arose from the applicant's arrest for threatening and abusive behaviour.

Five complaints were considered, namely:

1. that the police failed to retrieve CCTV which would have supported the applicant's innocence;

2. that Police Scotland did not carry out a sufficient enquiry into the disturbance leading to the applicant's arrest, resulting in the applicant being incorrectly reported to the Procurator Fiscal;

3. that the applicant was kept in custody to appear at court without a reason or sufficiency of evidence;

4. that an insufficient investigation conducted into the circumstances of the charge of vandalism libelled against the applicant's son, as his son was not present when the damage occurred; and

5. that the applicant considers that Police Scotland are "supporting" the hotel's claim for damages, in excess of the value of the damage actually caused, without sufficient evidence.

The review found that two complaints were dealt with to a reasonable standard while three complaints were not. Three recommendations were made in this connection.

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