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17 July 2017
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The complaints in this case arose from the applicant's detention by officers of Police Scotland.

Seven complaints were considered, namely:

1. that the officers who detained the applicant did not afford her the opportunity to get changed and insisted that they would have to accompany her at all times;

2. that the officers who handcuffed her were rough when doing so;

3. that the applicant was asked for her personal details by the Custody Sergeant at the charge bar despite already having provided them to the officer who detained her;

4. that when being strip-searched the applicant's clothes were thrown on the floor;

5. that the applicant suffered a panic attack but a female custody officer took no action;

6. that the applicant was banging on the cell door trying to attract attention when the Custody Sergeant told her to "stop whinging"; and

7. that the police officers "wouldn't listen" to the applicant's story on the night she was arrested.

The review found that three complaints were dealt with to a reasonable standard while the remaining four complaints were not. Three recommendations and a learning point were made in this connection.


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