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31 July 2017
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The complaints in this case arose from an allegation made by the applicant of a potential fraud.

Eighteen complaints were considered:

1. that the applicant's complex fraud allegation was allocated to an officer who was on sick leave and was not then reallocated;

2. that the investigating officer advised the applicant he had "no time" to investigate her allegations however attended to personal activities whilst on duty;

3. that the investigating officer was rude to the applicant during a meeting in her home;


4. that the investigating officer took sick leave to recover from a shoulder injury, however the applicant did not perceive him to be suffering from such an injury;

5. that the applicant requested the investigation to be reallocated to another officer, but was told this would take too long;

6. that, during a telephone call, the investigating officer commented that another officer may have thrown documentary evidence "in the bin";

7. that during the same phone call the investigating officer was rude to the applicant;

8. that Police Scotland's investigation into the applicant's allegation of fraud had not progressed following her initial complaints about the investigation;

9. that during a second telephone call the investigating officer was rude to the applicant, would not listen to her and was dismissive;

10. that Police Scotland made no contact with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) however told the applicant that they had done so;

11. that officers had "not prepared" for a pre-arranged meeting with the applicant at a Police Office, and failed to take any notes or record any details during the meeting;

12. that during the same meeting, inappropriate behaviour attributed to a junior officer was not addressed by a more senior officer;

13. that officers of Police Scotland failed to act on lines of enquiry suggested by the applicant;

14. that officers advised the applicant they would liaise with a Procurator Fiscal to discuss the investigation, however the applicant considered this unnecessary as a different Procurator Fiscal had already provided the police with the advice being sought;

15. that officers of Police Scotland failed to grasp that the applicant's allegations constituted a crime;

16. that officers of Police Scotland still refuse to investigate the applicant's missing money;

17. that two Inspectors refused to meet with the applicant or become involved in her case; and

18. that the investigating officer made arithmetical errors during the investigation.

The review found that twelve complaints were dealt with to a reasonable standard while the remaining six complaints were not. Six recommendations were made in this connection. A learning point was also issued.


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