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7 August 2017
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The complaints in this case arose from the seizure of the applicant's vehicle following a fatal road traffic collision.

Seven complaints were reviewed, namely:

1. That there was a lack of information, support, and liaison with the applicant following the collision;

2. That the driver of the vehicle was not provided with any support, information, or liaison from the police following the collision;

3. That the applicant was provided with different versions of police procedures relating to the time the vehicle was retained and the costs involved;

4. That it took five days before the vehicle was examined and a further three days to release the vehicle;

5. That the applicant was not able to speak with an officer over the rank of Inspector regarding her concerns;

6. That the procedures regarding the release of the vehicle were unclear and the applicant felt pressure to sign a waiver related to the process; and

7. That an Inspector provided inaccurate information regarding how she should proceed with a civil claim.

The review found that four of the complaints were dealt with to a reasonable standard and three were not. Four recommendations were made.


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