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Report, Police Scotland
21 August 2017
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072.17 The complaints in this case arose from a dispute between the applicant and her neighbour regarding a property boundary. The applicant complained about the police response to an incident in which she made assault allegations against her neighbour's family after the applicant had attempted to erect a fence between the properties. Three complaint were considered, namely:

(1) that officers acted in a prejudiced way and referred to the applicant's neighbour acting as if she had done nothing wrong and the applicant was the one in the wrong;

(2) that an officer could not be bothered with the applicant and was not interested in why she was at the police station; and

(3) that, during a telephone conversation, the applicant felt an officer was not investigating her complaint properly and was dismissive of her words.

The review found that none of the three complaints had been handled to a reasonable standard. Three recommendations were made in this connection.

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