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5 September 2017
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The complaints in this case arose from a police enquiry into the theft of the applicant's scaffolding.

Eight complaints were reviewed, namely:

1. That on 5 July 2016 the applicant received conflicting advice from officers at two different police stations;

2. That on 5 July 2016 the applicant was informed by an officer at a named police office that he would be arrested if he removed the scaffolding;

3. That between 5 July 2017 and 28 October 2017, officers took an excessive amount of time to investigate the alleged theft;

4. That between 5 July 2016 and 28 October 2016, an officer failed to keep the applicant up to date with the progress of the enquiry;

5. That between 13 July 2016 and 29 September 2016, officers took an excessive amount of time to send a sample of the scaffolding for forensic analysis;

6. That throughout the enquiry, officers failed to make enquiries with Gumtree as quickly or as thoroughly as expected;

7. That an officer from the Professional Standards Department closed down his complaint without his approval;

8. That officer believed the story of the new owner of the scaffolding when he alleged that it had been stolen.

The review found that five of the complaints were handled to a reasonable standard and three were not. Four recommendations have been made.

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